I was never a fan of Facebook's privacy policies, but recently I ended a
self-imposed boycott and returned. The risk of being "invisible" to the
wider world is just too great. It is an important networking tool, and
users without independent resources need to recognize that it does add
value. I'd make an even stronger case for a LinkedIn presence, because a
more professional environment offers exposure to greater resources.


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> I'm back from a week away and heard about this discussion. So I looked at
> my dedicated email address and see way to many posts to read. The purpose
> of the additional ARSC FB page (versus the current one managed by Jennifer
> Leigh Vaughn is to answer questions ABOUT ARSC that folks may have
> including the Conference. It would be of interest to MEMBERS. It would not
> replicate ARSC list which - honestly - is not about ARSC and not everyone
> here is a "member" as Dennis alludes to below. You know who you are.... Why
> not JOIN and support ARSC?
> Steve RammARSC Treasurer
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> The member discussion listserv is the only means of communicating
> will fellow members that I will continue to use.