Hi Gary,

I never heard of Victrolac.
 I'm sure the record is clean, because I just cleaned it.
I cleaned it with "PURE 2 - Professional record cleaner from by "Nitty

I has the scroll label and it feels like vinyl.  Is it not vinyl?


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> Hi Ben,
> Is this a Victrolac pressing with scroll labels, or regular shellac? My
> Victrolac copy has a lot of crud in the grooves, a problem with that
> material that was mentioned a few weeks back on this list. If this is the
> case, the records need a good cleaning.
> I also had, at one time, a post-war shellac pressing with RCA Victor
> labels, and a banner-style cover on the album. I've used a 2.5 mil TE on
> both sets without problems.
> Best,
> Gary
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> tracking problems
> Hello everyone
> I never thought I'd have tracking problems with these beautiful vinyl 78s,
> but i do.
> I know they've been reissued on LP and CD, but, strange as it may seem, I
> need to have the 78's for transferring purposes.
> The styli are jumping.  I've even tried with a .7 mil stylus just to see if
> it would track better.
> I tried playing the records at 45 and 33, but the styli keep jumping
> forward.  It looks as though the grooves are jerky while the records look
> brand new.
> Has anyone ever come across this problem?
> Regards,
> Ben Roth
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> Thanks!