Thanks guys. This is driving me mad!!!

I search for "bbc radio 4 extra"

I get listings displaying audio wave forms.

I click on one, e.g.

Radio Active : BBC Radio 4 Extra : August 11, 2016 08:30AM-09:00AM BST

This displays a message:

There Is No Preview Available For This Item

This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Please download files in this item to interact with them
on your computer.
Show all files

I click on [Show all files]

This then displays

Files for BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active

Files marked with lock are not available for download.

Name	Last modified	Size	Status
Go to parent directory	
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active.afpk	11-Aug-2016
08:05	332.2K	lock
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active.asr.js	16-Aug-2016
07:00	268.5K	lock	16-Aug-2016
07:00	33.4K	lock
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active.mp3	11-Aug-2016 08:00	27.5M	lock
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active.ogg	11-Aug-2016 08:02	19.0M	lock
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active.png	11-Aug-2016 08:04	11.4K	lock
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active_files.xml	18-Sep-2018 22:00	4.0K	
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active_meta.sqlite	11-Aug-2016
08:00	12.0K
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active_meta.xml	18-Sep-2018 22:00	66.9K	
BBC_Radio_4_Extra_20160811_073000_Radio_Active_spectrogram.png	11-Aug-2016
08:04	240.0K	lock
__ia_thumb.jpg	18-Sep-2018 22:00	2.7K	lock

Most of which have a 'lock' symbol.

I cannot access any of the files. And this situation is repeated
thousands of times.

These unavailable entries are cluttering up all searches.

Why are the there if no-one can access them.


On 25/09/2018, Steve McLaughlin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Can you send a link to a padlocked recording on I'm curious to
> take a look.
> Whenever you see a stream-only recording on that site (ones that play,
> anyway), it's usually trivial to find the URL and download it.
> --
> Steve McLaughlin
> On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 3:38 AM Jennifer Vaughn
> <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> I see that there are many "mirror only" and "stream only" items from BBC
>> and VOA.  These types of audio items are considered collection names in
>> the
>> metadata. I didn't spend loads of time on this, so there surely could be
>> other collection types that don't have downloadable files.
>> While I don't know exactly what you are searching for or how you are
>> searching, my instinct here would be to try the advanced search (
>>, and use Boolean operators to
>> exclude (at least) these two collection types; also limit to media type:
>> audio along with whatever keywords you are using.
>> Internet Archive: Search Engine<>
>> Notes. You can try constructing a search query and hitting "Search" in
>> the
>> top "Advanced Search" section and then coming "back" to this section to
>> copy that query into the "Query:" box.
>> Here is how a sample search string using Boolean operators with (random)
>> keyword "lost" would look, though the advanced search form on the Archive
>> site is simpler to use:
>> (lost) AND mediatype:(audio) AND -collection:(podcasts_mirror) AND
>> -collection:(stream_only)
>> Hope this helps, if you haven't already gone this route.
>> Best wishes,
>> Jennifer Vaughn
>> ________________________________
>> From: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List <
>> [log in to unmask]> on behalf of CJB <[log in to unmask]>
>> Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 8:24:25 AM
>> To: [log in to unmask]
>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Internet Archive Search Results
>> Recently we've been using the Internet Archive to search for 'lost' or
>> rare radio recordings. We have now discovered that the BBC, VOA, and
>> numerous other radio stations have uploaded thousands if not millions
>> of recordings which are 'padlocked' that are unavailable for
>> downloading.
>> After a key word search results are displayed as audio wave files
>> implying that they are available to listen to. However these are
>> always 'locked' from both playing and downloading.
>> This situation has become a major irritant in that search results are
>> now being swamped by these unavailable listings and in fact - for us -
>> are rendering completely unusable.
>> Does anyone know what's going on? And better how to filter out these
>> unavailable listings?
>> C.J.Brady