Hi folks:

For those despairing after Shure dropped out of the phono cartridge 
business, there's some possible good news: I just read a review in 
Positive Feedback of Grado's new Black2 cartridge, and it was a rave. In 
addition, scuttlebutt says that the two biggest problems with Grado 
cartridges, their susceptibility to induced hum and the infamous "Grado 
wobble" have been licked. Disclaimer, I haven't used or heard any of 
Grado's new cartridges yet, so this is all secondhand. But it's possibly 
good news,

Meanwhile I put in an inquiry with my local dealer about whether they've 
licked the wobble in the Grado 78 rpm cartridge -- the one with the 
elliptical stylus. If so, that's be *very good news for collectors and 

Paul Stamler

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