On 9/18/2018 3:04 PM, Dennis Rooney wrote:

> Post-1932, playback EQ became more standardized than before, as did 
> playback speeds. However, each engineer had an armamentarium of skills 
> that he considered his job security.
> Thus the lack of published curves. Perfect surfaces are anything but, so 
> the disc noise is a distraction to locking onto the correct playback 
> curves. Good luck.

Thanks, Dennis. I wound up using what you suggested -- I wound up with a 
turnover of 800Hz and a 10kHz rolloff of -12dB. And you were right about 
the surfaces -- this was dreadful; I needed to roll off at 80Hz (which I 
got away with because the lowest instrument was a guitar, and not one 
with a lot of bass at that. With all that, I needed to use 4dB of noise 
reduction too. But I got something that I can play on the radio, with a 
disclaimer first.

Thanks again!


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