Hi All,

Last year, I participated in an ARSC committee (I think I,m still a 
member). I was surprised to learn that a few of the committee members 
felt that the listserv was hostile and therefore did not participate. 
The committee members in question are female and I'm not sure if that 
makes a difference, but if a Facebook group would encourage more 
participation and diversity, I'm all in. Particularly one that links 
back to this listserv.



Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 9/16/2018 9:23 AM, Dennis Rooney wrote:
> In reply to John Schroth's recent post re the
> to-FaceBook-or-not-to-FaceBook question:
> What tender blossoms some of his respondents must be. The ARSC listserv is
> a community of adults which shares a number of common interests. Why
> wouldn't the questions or comments of a younger person or one "from a
> different demographic" be greeted by anything other than courtesy? Yes,
> some extraordinarily naïve questions have been received on the list, but I
> have not noted hostility to that naïveté but rather a desire to answer
> helpfully. Younger people should always be welcomed but not by a diminution
> in the quality of our communication. I personally do not approve of
> anything that dilutes the community. Therefore, I do not welcome the
> Facebook suggestion.