On 9/17/18 5:24 PM, Marie O'Connell wrote:

> The brown with mud color in middle is the oxide side where the magnetic
> layer have ripped off. The black with the brown in middle is the backing
> where the oxide has ended up.

Yup, that's what a severely sticky tape looks like when it's unspooled 
without baking.  Lots of oxide stuck to the backing.

OTOH, there are lots of sticky tapes which cannot be distinguished from 
non-sticky tape by visual inspection.  Just last week I put up a reel of 
3M 996 which looked normal, and fell freely off the reel, so no sign of 
inter-layer adhesion -- but it sure was sticky.  Fast wind got about 30 
feet into the tape and stopped, with the tape solidly stuck to the 
non-rotating guides.  A photo of that tape wouldn't tell you anything 

-- John Chester