From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Like DrG I have experienced attacks on this list, and the lack of civility 
(being called a rectum) was one reason for my presently normal abstention from 
commenting most of the time. The person did it from his office mail -- now he 
asks advice frequently from his personal mail and gets it, in my view 
undeservedly, but he asks for answers to be sent to his office mail. He has 
never apologized, but the poor sod somehow had his entries removed from the 
digest -- although the character count still shows that something had been 
there originally. That is moderation for you! That person's access to ARSCLIST 
ought to have been blocked. In view of the office mail use referred to above, 
perhaps that is what happened.

I don't use social media and I deny myself any materials that would require me 
to identify myself by a facebook account ID. Many pictures never get my way.

If ARSCLIST dies because of dilution I shall not worry -- there are plenty of 
sources out there, I just might have to do a bit more work to get at the 
information. Or perhaps try to work out the solution myself.

Best wishes,


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> Well, Im no shrinking violet, and Ive been around the block, but I
> remember distinctly being verbally attacked for a remark I made soon after
> joining this august list by one of the senior members. And after defending
> myself, that person backed down but never apologized.
> That being said, I have found this group to be exceedingly well behaved and to
> offer incredible amounts of information both to the professional as well as
> the just curious (as I am.)
> Im only bringing this up because there is bad behavior in any venue. Email
> venues, in general suffer from people who may not understand the email
> etiquette necessary because there is no facial underpinning the written
> response. But I have found that in general the behavior is far worse on social
> media than on email lists such as this.
> I dont join social media groups because of security issues, plain and
> simple. ARSC having a facebook presence doesnt affect me because I put my
> account on permanent hiatus and will not reply in any venue that requires me
> to identify myself by a facebook account ID.
> DrG
> > On Sep 16, 2018, at 9:23 AM, Dennis Rooney <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
> > 
> > In reply to John Schroth's recent post re the
> > to-FaceBook-or-not-to-FaceBook question:
> > 
> > What tender blossoms some of his respondents must be. The ARSC listserv is
> > a community of adults which shares a number of common interests. Why
> > wouldn't the questions or comments of a younger person or one "from a
> > different demographic" be greeted by anything other than courtesy? Yes,
> > some extraordinarily nave questions have been received on the list, but
> I
> > have not noted hostility to that navet but rather a desire to answer
> > helpfully. Younger people should always be welcomed but not by a
> diminution
> > in the quality of our communication. I personally do not approve of
> > anything that dilutes the community. Therefore, I do not welcome the
> > Facebook suggestion.
> > 
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