Charles states a good point about the walled garden. One note of caution, though: ARSC should stake its claim on Facebook even if just to direct folks to the other resources and this list. The Audio Engineering Society recently had an issue with a page someone had created with the AES name on it, but that was unofficial. It devolved into a misogynistic trollfest one day that may have hurt the AES reputation. Someone who was officially part of the Society created an official page which is now moderated by several AES officers, and to the best of my knowledge, most serious folks have jettisoned the unofficial page. I also believe AES has initiated legal action against the party who appropriated their name and logo. ARSC might want to have an official page just to stave off a similar problem.


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    Social media apps, like FaceBook, create a "walled garden" with an 
    illusion of security.  I agree with the concerns about fragmentation of 
    ARSC communication and discussion.  Any use of FB by ARSC should not 
    replicate or draw members away from the discussion platforms (listservs 
    and blog) already in use.
    Now I have o check out the google form....
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