I agree with Steve Smolian, and also share the concerns expressed by Peter Hirsch and others. Breaking ARSC discussions between this listserve and Facebook would be a very bad move, and counterproductive to the organization. On the other hand, if ARSC wishes to have a Facebook page to offer information on the organization's activities, and links to our web site, that's fine. I see this as possibly beneficial for recruiting new members. But don't start another discussion group there. And, don't do anything on Facebook that would require ARSC members to have a Facebook account in order to participate in any of the organization's activities. 

I am not on Facebook and have no intention of ever being there. 



Gary Galo
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"Great art presupposes the alert mind of the educated listener."
Arnold Schoenberg

"A true artist doesn't want to be admired, he wants to be believed."
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"If you design an audio system based on the premise that nothing is audible, 
on that system nothing will be audible."
G. Galo

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We all have email.  That suffices.  

I consider anything on facebook unreliable and will not use it.  Don't split the ARSC community so those of us deeply uncomfortable with Facebook are frozen out.

Steven Smolian

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Hi ARSC, the Online Media Committee is looking into the idea of creating a discussion group on Facebook, and would like your (ARSC member) input about the possibility. In short, a "Group", in Facebook terms, functions more like a web forum, and would not replace our existing Facebook "Page", which is designed more for ARSC to communicate with members and the public (but, to a lesser extent, supports user submissions).

For examples, you can look at existing Facebook groups for similar organizations:

We have created an anonymous 5-question survey on Google forms, link below. Please take a moment to complete it to let us know how you feel about the idea. The OMC will discuss the results at our meeting later this month and will update here after we've had a chance to process results and weigh options. If you would like more information about what such a group would entail, feel free to write me and/or Andrew Hansbrough ([log in to unmask]).

Thank you,
Mason Vander Lugt and the Online Media Committee

P.S. if you are on Facebook but aren't yet following the official ARSC page, check it out! -