Hi Dennis & Bob,

Isn't 1932 a little early for lacquer/acetate instantaneous discs? Bob didn't say aluminum. Are they black?


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Dear Bob,

I suppose the answer as to the recording site would be determined by the
sound of the discs. Despite the noisy background of aluminum, the audio
quality ought to suggest whether it was recorded via phone line from
Chicago to NY or whether the NBC affiliate in Chicago recorded it. The
latter would certainly offer better quality in 1932.


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> ARC was recently given a set of 78 Instantaneous Recordings (acetates /
> lacquers) of Roosevelt's presidential acceptance speech at the Democratic
> convention, Chicago, 7.2.1932.  A long winded set of 8 aluminum discs.
> Real NY history I think. Would have been cut in situ - scarce, if not
> rare.   This set made by NBC Radio - I’m sure other companies made live
> recordings also and I have seen excerpts on film.  Anyone know anything
> about this?

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