You can't send attachments to the listserv, so your photos did not come through. I recommend uploading photos and other attachments to WeTransfer, sending them to yourself. When WeTransfer sends you the download link for the files, you can include the link in your email to the list, so anyone on the list can get them. 



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 Here are two examples of Agfa PEM 469 taken a few years back, as you can
see the oxide has adhered to the backing layer.
Is this what you are after Cary?

Marie O'Connell

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> Hi:
> I have a number of photos of sticky shed on posts and built up on the tape
> itself but the photos are of video tape.
> The bottom two photos on this link are sticky shed on Betacam tapes.  The
> bottom right picture is actually sticky shed residue (oligomer) redeposited
> on a tape:
> -videocassettes.html
> <>
> The third thru sixth photos on this page are also the effects of sticky
> shed:
> Don't know if these could work for what you need.  If so, feel free to use
> them.  If in a publication, simply give credit reference.
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> > Hello.  Does anyone have or know of a photo (or video footage) that
> illustrates the problem of "sticky shed" as it pertains to audiotape.
> >
> > If so, can you please send it to me?
> >
> > (It needs to be okay to post it online.)
> >
> > Thx.
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