Hi Ben,

Is this a Victrolac pressing with scroll labels, or regular shellac? My Victrolac copy has a lot of crud in the grooves, a problem with that material that was mentioned a few weeks back on this list. If this is the case, the records need a good cleaning. 

I also had, at one time, a post-war shellac pressing with RCA Victor labels, and a banner-style cover on the album. I've used a 2.5 mil TE on both sets without problems. 



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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Shoenberg: Gurrelieder Stokowski vinyl 78 M-127 tracking problems

Hello everyone

I never thought I'd have tracking problems with these beautiful vinyl 78s,
but i do.
I know they've been reissued on LP and CD, but, strange as it may seem, I
need to have the 78's for transferring purposes.
The styli are jumping.  I've even tried with a .7 mil stylus just to see if
it would track better.
I tried playing the records at 45 and 33, but the styli keep jumping
forward.  It looks as though the grooves are jerky while the records look
brand new.

Has anyone ever come across this problem?

Ben Roth
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