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What sort of noise? Steady state white noise? Crackly irregular noise? Hard to believe he can’t trace it; at some point it is there and before that point it isn’t. Is it in playback, source monitor, or both? If on playback, it could be the source/tape switches, that happens on my Sony 4 track sometimes.

I think - not sure - that a deck of that vintage can have compoments replaced on all the boards individually; not needing complete board replacement… and there are units on ebay for $149 to 600 which you could get as a parts donor…

Best luck!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

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> Hello everybody.
> I have a TEAC A-2340  which has a noise that my repair guy cannot fix. He's
> been in the business for some 35 year, but cannot trace this noise to its
> source.  He said it might be the board which no one can fix or replace.
> Does that make sense?  Can anyone suggest a solution?
> Thanks.
> Ben Roth
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