A too short message, but I'm all for it. I think it would be extremely


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> Charles states a good point about the walled garden. One note of caution,
> though: ARSC should stake its claim on Facebook even if just to direct
> folks to the other resources and this list. The Audio Engineering Society
> recently had an issue with a page someone had created with the AES name on
> it, but that was unofficial. It devolved into a misogynistic trollfest one
> day that may have hurt the AES reputation. Someone who was officially part
> of the Society created an official page which is now moderated by several
> AES officers, and to the best of my knowledge, most serious folks have
> jettisoned the unofficial page. I also believe AES has initiated legal
> action against the party who appropriated their name and logo. ARSC might
> want to have an official page just to stave off a similar problem.
> Respectfully,
> Scott
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>     Social media apps, like FaceBook, create a "walled garden" with an
>     illusion of security.  I agree with the concerns about fragmentation
> of
>     ARSC communication and discussion.  Any use of FB by ARSC should not
>     replicate or draw members away from the discussion platforms
> (listservs
>     and blog) already in use.
>     Now I have o check out the google form....
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