Net unneutrality means big things to me - when Comcast recently upgraded my conneciton, I was able to get triple the dowload speed, but half the upload speed! Sending hour long auio up now takes a lot longer.


I still think the internet was best in 2005, downhill ever since.
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

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>> If you use the internet, your data is being mined. As of this year, with 
>> the death of Net Neutrality, your ISP can mine your data and sell it to 
>> whomever they want. 
> It's hard to take the "death" of Net Neutrality seriously when
> it never really went into effect.  Seriously, as of, say, 1993,
> nothing has changed in this regard.  And it had nothing to do
> with data mining.  It was all about "Over The Top" service
> providers, like Netflix, getting a free ride from backbone network
> providers.