In reply to John Schroth's recent post re the
to-FaceBook-or-not-to-FaceBook question:

What tender blossoms some of his respondents must be. The ARSC listserv is
a community of adults which shares a number of common interests. Why
wouldn't the questions or comments of a younger person or one "from a
different demographic" be greeted by anything other than courtesy? Yes,
some extraordinarily naïve questions have been received on the list, but I
have not noted hostility to that naïveté but rather a desire to answer
helpfully. Younger people should always be welcomed but not by a diminution
in the quality of our communication. I personally do not approve of
anything that dilutes the community. Therefore, I do not welcome the
Facebook suggestion.


On Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 11:04 PM John Schroth <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Richard, Steve and the rest of the ARSC community.
> I have gotten quite a number of personal replies to my post stating that
> we should have a facebook page. These were people who were not
> comfortable with replying to my post on the ARSC list-serve for the
> whole community to see. Two examples:
> "THANK YOU, John! I think that's the whole point of having another
> platform for discussion-- to reach individuals of different demographics
> who might not yet know about us who might be interested in joining".
> "Thank you, thank you, and thank you"
> These people and all the other direct replies were from younger people
> who really felt that a facebook page was important. Most likely these
> people followed the ARSC list-serve but felt uncomfortable posting what
> they really felt about a facebook page, because they were new to the
> community, or followed our list-serve because of the valuable
> information they gained from it, but didn't feel comfortable making a
> comment because of all the long-time experienced participants to the
> list-serve that did not like facebook. They might have even been scared
> of getting criticized if they supported a facebook page publicly. I
> totally get that.
> Here's a perfect example that I shared with these people.....
> We have an exchange program here, where students studying at the George
> Eastman Museum's Film Preservation Program, work with my company part
> time. Most of them are interested in audio preservation as well. Most of
> them know of and follow AMIA. None to date have heard of ARSC when they
> first started working here. All of them use and follow facebook on a
> regular basis. If the George Eastman Museum's Selznick School facebook
> page "liked" the ARSC page, there's an immediate connection that all
> these students could make with ARSC. All of them since working at our
> place, now follow ARSC quietly.
> That's just an example.......
> Many who are getting to know ARSC - many of them younger people or
> people who are just starting out in audio preservation or collecting,
> may not be comfortable posting to the list-serve. It's daunting. Having
> a facebook page where these people could connect, make friends, share
> thoughts and ideas with each other directly, may spur them to becoming
> more involved with the ARSC organization.
> I joined ARSC and AMIA at about the same time. I was very lucky to have
> both ARSC and AMIA both come to Rochester, NY for their annual
> conference within a year of each other. I greatly respect AMIA but
> honestly, the people at the ARSC conference were much more open and
> welcoming. Steve Smolian - you asked me to join your table for both a
> lunch and a dinner without even knowing me. I will never forget that.
> You were warm, friendly and made me feel a part of the group. For people
> who are younger, an ARSC facebook page goes a long way to doing that
> same thing. Steve, I'm totally in your camp. I would rather live in the
> world that I grew up in, without all of this computer driven social
> media "crap". But this is the world we live in. You have the chance to
> become "facebook friends" with someone younger you can inspire. A
> portion of their world includes social media and they might never
> connect with you without something like facebook. You have the chance to
> effect young people you would never have the chance to connect with, if
> it wasn't for something like facebook. I can see someone new to ARSC
> becoming your facebook friend, then asking you a question directly
> because they were not confident enough to post the question for all to
> see on the ARSC list-serve. You could encourage them to post their
> question to the list-serve so that others could benefit by their
> question and explain that you have their back, in case someone made a
> derogatory comment on their post.
> In my world, I plan to be doing what I do for the next 10-15 years, then
> I'm done. I love teaching young people how to work with other media
> formats besides motion picture film. If students who work at my place
> can take with them the unique intricacies and challenges of preserving
> analog audio formats, they pick up skills and knowledge which gives them
> an appreciation of the medium. They might even play an important role in
> helping to preserve a piece of audio history in the future. I think this
> is one of the goals that ARSC is ultimately all about. I think that
> facebook might help bridge that gap between the "old school people" and
> future generations that we pass our knowledge on to.
>   From one of the members who loves the "old school" and is trying my
> best to assimilate with the "new school" as best I can.
> Kind Regards,
> John Schroth
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> On 9/15/2018 8:15 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> > Hi, Steve,
> >
> > I understand your concerns about Facebook, but, as I think I stated
> > previously, there is a whole group of people who, for whatever
> > reasons, aren't on the ARSC List. Hopefully some of us who do take
> > part in the ARSC Facebook presence, should it come to pass, will be
> > able to reach those people and perhaps bring them into the fold of
> > ARSCLIST as well for the more complete answer.
> >
> > It is organizational outreach, and I am as guilty as the next person
> > of limiting my organizational involvement based on attempting to
> > balance my priorities.
> >
> > I try to give in some way or the other to both ARSC and AES, as well
> > as the audio archiving community in general.
> >
> > Every pathway is imperfect, we must try to make use of pathways that
> > can reach the most people.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Richard
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > On 2018-09-15 7:47 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> >> Speaking (well,  typing) for myself, I fear the loss of the ARSC list
> >> participants' cumulated skills and knowledge if we allow a facebook
> >> presence with our imprimatur lacking some of these participants.
> >> Incomplete info in often leads to misinformation out.  Willfully
> >> ignoring the path to otherwise available information by taking an
> >> easier route that potentially avoids some of it- well, there are
> >> enough examples of that in daily life.  It's why we have  refereed
> >> journals.
> >>
> >
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