Tamaki Miura appeared here in the acoustic days as Butterfly.  She had her own opera company in Japan later on.  Fujiwara, a Schipa-like tenor, was a member of her company.

He recorded a group of Japanese folk songs here for Victor and a much larger group of sides in Japan, including arias from standard operas.  I've a CD of some of his Japanese sides. He was very fine musician and his records have given me great pleasure over the years.

Steve Smolian  

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Maybe there's a female artist with a similar name who recorded for
Columbia, but Yoshie Fujiwara was a tenor who made a number of recordings
for Victor in the 1920s.

David Seubert

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> > I have come across this VICTOR LP 2-disc set (SJV-1064-M) which is all in
> > Japanese.  All I can find out about it is on Ebay - Tamaki Miura
> > Compilation and
> > they're only asking $24.
> > Does anyone know about this?
> Interesting that it's on Victor. I have one of her 78s and it's on
> Columbia.
> Peace,
> Paul
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