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The PREMIS OWL Ontology Revision Working Group is pleased to announce the release of the revised PREMIS 3.0 OWL ontology.  This ontology updates an earlier ontology, the PREMIS 2.2 ontology, which supported the PREMIS Data Dictionary version 2.2. This revision is designed to be used in conjunction with the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata, version 3.0, which was released in 2015.  

The PREMIS Data Dictionary is based on a data model that defines the entities that are described (Objects, Events, Agents and Rights), the properties of those entities (semantic units), and relationships between them. A major update to the Data Dictionary, version 3, was completed in 2015, which included a revision of the data model. The PREMIS OWL ontology is an RDF encoding of that data model to provide a Linked Data-friendly data management function for a preservation repository, allowing for SPARQL querying.  It integrates PREMIS information with other Linked Data compliant data sets, such as format registries and controlled vocabularies, allowing interconnections between different repository databases. 

The PREMIS OWL Ontology version 3.0 is the result of the work of the PREMIS OWL Ontology Revision Working Group, which was convened by the PREMIS Editorial Committee to reflect the changes in PREMIS version 3.0 and reconsider modeling decisions in the earlier ontology. This revision, conducted during 2017-September 2018, has substantially remodeled the previous ontology, incorporating emerging Linked Data best practices and connections to other relevant RDF ontologies, e.g. PROV-O (Provenance ontology), Dublin Core metadata terms, and the preservation vocabularies at, among others. Documents are available at: Note that the vocabularies are in the process of being updated according to a list of changes.

The following people participated in the PREMIS OWL Ontology Revision Working Group:


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