NLS Operations Alert


No. 18-69


DATE             :  September 11, 2018

TO                   :  Network Libraries

FROM            :  Katie Dunneback, Collection Development Section

SUBJECT      :  USA Today bestseller list added to NLS bestseller list



The Collection Development Section (CDS), which manages the NLS bestseller list, currently draws titles from bestseller lists produced by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post.


Beginning with the September NLS bestseller list, CDS will include titles from the USA Today bestseller list. As with books selected from the other lists, a title will be deemed an NLS bestseller once it appears on the USA Today list for three weeks. It will be designated on the monthly list with the notation “USAT.”


This decision was made in part due to the elimination of the mass market paperback list by the New York Times, as well as a desire to add a list with a national scope. CDS will only include adult titles that meet selection criteria for the NLS collection and which appear in the first 50 spots each week.


For more information, please contact:

Katie Dunneback

Senior Selection Librarian, Collection Development Section

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