Belle Baker and Fanny Brice were still around in the 50's -Mickey

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Ruth Wallis (The Dinghy) and Rusty Warren (Knockers Up!) but no Belle 
Never thought of Abbe Lane as a comedienne . More a singer with Cugat.

Also check with the Paley Library for TV footage.
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I have another research question. I am involved with a project looking atthe 
full history of female Jewish comedians. I am looking for 
visuals...anyephemera...and yes, audio on any of the following artists.  Any 
lead wouldbe more than helpful. Because many of them were on small labels 
thatdrifted into obscurity, there is very little good stuff available and 
weare looking at putting together a book/CD and museum exhibit as a result 
ofour efforts.
The artists we are focusing on (some of them we have more ephemera 
Abby Holman c. 1929> Sophie Tucker c. 1929 & 1950s> Mae Questel/Betty Boop 
c. 1940s & 1960s> Ruth Wallis c 1950s> Sadie Banks c 1950s> Abbe Lane c. 
1950s-1960s> Frances Faye c. 1959> Jean Carroll c. 1960> Selma Diamond> 
Rusty Warren c 1960s> Patsy Abbott c.1963> Betty Ross c. 1963> Gertrude Berg 
c.1965> Totie Fields c. 1969>