I encountered this problem when transferring some acoustic records. My 
approach was to search the title to find out how the piece was 
originally written in terms of musical pitch and go from there. I 
adjusted the turntable speed to find the right pitch as I wanted to 
avoid the digital domain for pitch if at all possible. I also had the 
benefit of my son's great sense of pitch since he's a classically 
trained musician.



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On 10/30/2018 8:21 PM, Steve Smolian wrote:
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> I'm working with a group of acoustical 78s, mono, of course, which seem irregularly pitched from one side to the next and sometimes within the side.  From Melodyne's description and my preliminary look, it may well allow me to make corrections my way- establishing the pitch of an early  sustained non-vocal note by cents, allowing me to move it to A at 440, reading a similar note at the side's end, and, if necessary, others along the way, and, should it differ more than a few cents from that at the start,  resetting pitch by cents as the side progresses through the program.
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