Here's that list again for those who needed it in another format.  They're available only as a complete lot.  Take 'em all guys.


Company Name	Number	Composer	Pianist	Title
Reg Connelly Music	9245	Not provided	Not Provided	Arrivedecci, Roma
Duo-Art	5963	Saint-Saens	Harold Bauer	Concerto Op. 22
Duo-Art	6149-4	Grainger	Percy Grainger	Country Gardens
Duo-Art	5953	Saint-Saens	Harold Bauer	Concerto Op. 22
ORS	8019	Not Provided	J. Lawrence Cook	Sentimental Journey
Duo-Art	101325	di Capua	Elena De Marco	O Sole Mio
QRS	115	Carrie Jacobs-Bond	Lee S. Roberts	A Perfect Day
Duo-Art	63868	Lincke	Erno Rapee	The Glow Worm
Duo-Art	6397	Nevin	Rudolph Ganz	The Rosary
Duo-Art	19725	Davis & Akst	Alan Moran	A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way
Duo-Art	10094	Hawley	Robert Armbruster	Because I Love you
Duo-Art	1760	Burtnett	Andrew Christie	Leave Me With A Smile
ORS	10-697	Not Provided	Hi Babit	Not Provided
QRS	5618	Not Provided	J. Lawrence Cook	Stormy Weather (Keeps Raining All The Time)
QRS	6080	Not Provided	Walter Redding	When I Grow Too Old To Dream Waltz
QRS Autograph Word Roll	306	Lee S. Roberts	Lee S. Roberts	Mother Goose Rhymes No. 1
Duo-Art	10117	Crouch	Herbert Jones	Kathleen Mavourneen
QRS	DA 1035	Not Provided	Henri Bergman	Silent Night Holy Night
Duo-Art	70719	Not Provided	Robert Armbruster	Concert Music From Drake Hotel
QRS	2200	Billy James	Pete Wendling	Carolina Mammy
QRS	870	Not Readable	Not Readable	Patches Fox Trot
QRS	Not Provided	Not Provided	Interpreted by: Clara Doty	Not Provided
QRS	Not Provided	Not Provided	Not Provided	Not Provided
QRS	753	Gus Kahn	Watters	I'll Say She Does
QRS	3410	Not Provided	Not Provided	The Prisoner's Song (Monmba Waltz)
QRS	2230	Whiteman & Grofe	Phil Ohman	Wonderful One
Vocalstyle	1779	Not Provided	Leopold & Newman	Take Me Back to Dreamland Take Me Back With You
Vocalstyle	1286	Not Provided	Not Provided	My Beautiful Lady 
Not Readable	Not Readable	Not Readable	Not Readable	Not Readable
QRS	877	Unreadable	Unreadable	Unreadable
QRS	3402	Unreadable	Unreadable	I Never Knew How Wonderful You Were (Till I Lost You Wonderful One) Fox Trot

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> The Center for Popular Music at Middle Tennessee State University has 29 piano rolls to give away for the cost of shipping.  List attached.  Interested parties please contact archivist Rachel Morris at [log in to unmask]
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