I think we have a good alternative for you.

The Internet Archive developed a set of software and procedures for
transfering CD's:  audio, images, metadata, and then linking it to other
resources.   We have run this now on over 160,000 CD's and proceed at scale.

I suggest that for those that we have already done, you consider using
these transfers.   For ones not done, we can merge the sets.  (we are
doing this now with many collections from many libraries)

Therefore a great CD library can be built based on the joint holdings of
many institutions.

Most of these are only available, publicly, with 30 seconds samples, but
will give you an idea:

we would like to work with you and anyone else to build a large
collection together. 


On 10/11/18 10:24 AM, super schein wrote:
> Hello List!
> WFMT is embarking on a large CD ripping endeavor and I am wondering if we
> are headed down the right path.  We are looking to purchase a Ripstation,
> does anyone have experience using this machine?  I know that dBpoweramp is
> popular on the list, would you recommend using it, in connection with a rip
> machine?
> Are there any pitfalls you have experienced that we could avoid?
> I tried searching the archives and got varied luck using different keyword
> searches which is why I may be asking a question that may have already been
> answered.
> Thank you for your expertise!
> Allison