I'm having problems with some very early Soundmirror tapes using a paper backing, circa late 40's early fifties I guess. I suspect they havent been wound or played for many decades. They contain live recordings of  mainly classical oratorio  concerts. 

The tape wind is semi sticking to the next wind in varying degrees depending on the tape in question.  With a  couple I've been able to slowly wind them off without tape breakage or loss of oxide. Once they have been unstuck and spooled onto the take up reel they remain unstuck and  play well. I've been able to repair old splices and clean off old spreading  adhesive.

But this one is more sticky and  further into the reel I go it has started to really stick to the next wind and rip off small pieces of oxide  (I guess more tension  from being under a constant torque wind for many years has made the inner layers stick more to each other). 

Any hints on treating the tape  to help it wind off without  damage, or with less damage? Heat, humidity etc?


Tim Gillett
Western Australia

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