Sound recordings of presentations at ARSC's 52nd Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD are now available online to ARSC members!

Highlights include . . .

- Bluegrass In and Around Baltimore  --  with Kip Lornell, Cliff Murphy, Russ Hooper, Tim Newby

- Take Me to the Go-Go  --  with Erika Blount Danois and local musicians and genre experts

- Transferring PCM-F1 Digital Tapes  --  by Gary Galo

- Sherlock Ohms and Dr. Wattson: The Adventure of Oscar Levant's Complete Recordings  --  by Andreas Meyer, Rebekah Wineman

- Duplication & Repair of Discs via Silicone Mold Making  --  by Don Wilson

- A Sound Exchange: Preserving the Voices of Cuba  --  by Allie Whalen, Yasmin Dessem

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Thank you to ALL who presented or chaired sessions at the conference. And thank you to ARSC Conference Recordings Manager Patrick Feaster for preparing the recordings and slides for web publication.

If you are a member and require login credentials please contact Nathan Georgitis ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>). If you presented and would like to make your slides available please contact Patrick Feaster ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>). Please contribute your slide presentations.

Please note that ARSC recordings are protected by copyright. Copies are made available here with the presenters' permission solely for personal and educational non-profit, non-commercial use. No part may be sold, loaned, distributed, broadcast, or published without the written permission of the presenter.