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Just a heads up on the website quoted below:
The waveforms on the web page are barely visible, and if you print the article, the waveforms don't survive the printing process at all.
They do show up nicely if you click on them, but that's no good for those of us who like to print out.
Ron Roscoe

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I just noticed this issue when I recorded a 1956 Clef LP by Flip Phillips with a VRII (mono) cartridge. The link below explains why this is normal and is not an audible issue – the music sounds ok. I tried using my GE Golden Classic stereo cartridge and the wave form came out looking totally normal. I am copying a mono Perry Bechtel album today and the wave form looks totally natural so the issue is not my cartridge – I made sure the stylus was properly centered – and my tube type Heathkit pre-amp could have had a bad capacitor or tube which could have resulted in this issue. 
So – It looks like there can be a solution to correct the unbalanced wave form. Just thought I’d share this if anyone runs into this – Mickey Clark

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