Hi Karin,

Thank you for the warm welcome, and we shall indeed keep the archival community in mind!



Ronald Tse
Ribose Inc.

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Dear Ronald,

Welcome to this group!

Ray, thank you for your work and enjoy the vacation!

Must just make a remark that its also an important work for us in the archival community!

Karin Bredenberg

Karin Bredenberg
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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for Ray’s kind introduction; it is a great pleasure writing to you here.

Ray might not have mentioned but he made the recommendation to have me succeed his convenership at ISO/TC 154/WG 5, so I am forever grateful to him, his leadership and his support throughout the collaborative development of standards.

I participate in ISO/TC 154 through the liaison relationship of CalConnect, where I currently serve as Vice President, Director of External Relationships and co-chair of TC DATETIME, TC PUBLISH and TC VCARD.

It comes naturally that many of our date and time concerns come from the application user perspective, including representation of date/time elements within directory profiles and calendar information.

ISO/TC 154/WG 5 is currently working on three initiatives, including:

- ISO 34000 Date and time — Concepts and vocabulary
- ISO 34002 Date and time — Timezones
- ISO 34003 Date and time — Codes for calendar systems

In the bibliographic community, I imagine that the last document will be of most interest — in fact, Ray sent me a list of 30+ calendars given by a librarian for encoding. We work with multiple parties on these projects, including the BIPM, who defines the UTC time scale.

On the other hand, I already see proposals for extensions of 8601-2 season codes, courtesy of Andy! If there is enough interest, it could potentially serve as the basis of a new international standard and registry. For example, a number of South Asian countries use a six seasons per year instead of the typical four.

The field of date and time interoperability is not a closed case, and as you can imagine, the current projects are merely the tip of the iceberg. The completion of them will enable plenty of new work.

Allow me to take this opportunity to make a call for participation. There are few ways to participate at ISO/TC 154 work, either through nomination by your national standards body, through another liaison ISO committee, or an eligible liaison organization, such as CalConnect or OASIS (full list:<>).

Either way, if you’re interested, let me know.

We look forward serving the bibliographic community on your date and time needs!

Kind regards,


Ronald Tse
Ribose Inc.

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Ronald Tse has now subscribed to this listserv.  I have partially introduced him (below); Ron, I leave it up to you to further introduce yourself.

Just for everyone’s information, I will be away the next three weeks, with very limited internet access. So my apologies if I don’t respond to messages during that time.  Ron can discuss any matters pertaining to ISO 8601, including future work.


From: Denenberg, Ray
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 2:26 PM
To: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>
Subject: future work

A few of you have suggested areas for future work.

When I brought edtf to ISO   -  specifically, ISO Technical Committee 154, Working Group 5 – I joined the Working Group, to help move the process along.  Things were going quite smoothly, until around March 2017, when the Convener (Chair), Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, became seriously ill and resigned. ISO called upon me to replace him, and as it seemed apparent that the work would be terminated if I didn’t (nobody else stepped forward),  I accepted, and have been Convener of the group since. I have committed to remain until the new version of 8601 is published, and no longer. I do not plan to organize any future work.

However, a new Convener has been chosen to replace me when I resign, Ronald Tse, who is with Ribose and works closely with CalConnect.  I have invited Ron to join this listserv, and I’m sure he will be pleased to discuss any of your proposals.