Ronald Tse has now subscribed to this listserv.  I have partially introduced him (below); Ron, I leave it up to you to further introduce yourself.


Just for everyoneís information, I will be away the next three weeks, with very limited internet access. So my apologies if I donít respond to messages during that time.  Ron can discuss any matters pertaining to ISO 8601, including future work.




From: Denenberg, Ray
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 2:26 PM
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Subject: future work


A few of you have suggested areas for future work.


When I brought edtf to ISO   -  specifically, ISO Technical Committee 154, Working Group 5 Ė I joined the Working Group, to help move the process along.  Things were going quite smoothly, until around March 2017, when the Convener (Chair), Mr. Klaus-Dieter Naujok, became seriously ill and resigned. ISO called upon me to replace him, and as it seemed apparent that the work would be terminated if I didnít (nobody else stepped forward),  I accepted, and have been Convener of the group since. I have committed to remain until the new version of 8601 is published, and no longer. I do not plan to organize any future work.


However, a new Convener has been chosen to replace me when I resign, Ronald Tse, who is with Ribose and works closely with CalConnect.  I have invited Ron to join this listserv, and Iím sure he will be pleased to discuss any of your proposals.