First, we have no fines, so it’s only a matter of recovering the loss of a book or DVD.


We prefer to ask the patron to purchase a replacement book (same title/edition if current, or similar price and topic if not) to donate it to the library. Most are happy to oblige.   


We issue a collection notice through Fiscal Service as a last resort.  Our IOLS actually does that w/the 3d overdue notice.


Every student or employee has to ‘clear’ through the library (among many other departments) to leave the facility in good standing. We check our records carefully before signing off on that clearance. There is seldom any person trying to clear who is surprised with an overdue book.



Priscilla Stephenson, MSLS, MSEd, AHIP

Chief, Library Service

James A Haley Veterans’ Hospital, Tampa FL


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [FEDLIB] Federal library policies - Replacing missing or damaged library materials


Hi, FEDLIBers,


In review of our library policies, we believe that we need more explicit procedures for replacing missing or damaged library materials, specifically those that were last checked out to interns or other temporary staff.


We'd appreciate any samples or suggestions from other federal libraries!


Many thanks,

Jill Konieczko


NASA Goddard Library (under contract to Cadence/ZAI)

Greenbelt, Maryland