This is a huge problem!  There is no state money in New Mexico allocated to spend on this program.  If we don’t receive the funds in February, there will be no prizes/awards for the state winners or an awards ceremony.  We will be able to send certificates but that’s only because we happen to have a stock pile left over from last year. 


Also receiving funding in May will simply not work for two very important reasons.  First, schools are ending their year in May and close operations by the end of the month.  Once they have gone home for the year, there will be no way for me to contact the students or the teachers in order to get prizes to them.  Second, there is simply no way I can turn around money received in state government that quickly.  There is a fiscal process to be followed – deposit, white paper for awards and ceremonies since these type of expenses must be justified and documented in state government, purchase requests, purchase orders which allow me to begin the purchase, and finally I have award checks to give to the winners and can pay the vendors for the ceremony.  This process takes at least two months.  Also, all new spending stops May 31 in order for all payments to be completed by June 30 and no money carries over to the following fiscal year which begins July 1.  So, effectively this will end the program in New Mexico.


Our website announcing cash prizes and an awards ceremony will have to be changed immediately.  Unfortunately, all of the public announcements which also mention cash prizes have already been sent directly to schools and the media.  This type of public “mess” does not play well politically for those of us who work in a government environment. 


Finally, I seem to remember that awarding prizes is now a requirement of state participation in the program.  If that is so, New Mexico will have to cancel our participation which we must do before November 1 when the entry site goes live. 


Lori & Katie


Lori Smith Thornton

Public Services Bureau Chief

New Mexico State Library

Department of Cultural Affairs

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I think this is a huge problem and should have been disclosed. I raised this concern via email with Dawn (and copied John) but her response leads me to think it isn’t  open to discussion. Without asking us (or even telling us before we committed to the program) LC appears to have decided we can fund LAL ourselves and be reimbursed later.





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I asked about invoicing for our stipend this year. I was informed that I will invoice them AFTER April 12. I'm concerned about how this will work. We give Amazon gift cards from the money we received. We are not permitted to purchase them until after we get our money. 


Last year we received our money in February, which allowed us time to do this. If we can't even invoice until mid-April, those kids are going to be waiting a while.


Is anyone else going to be up against this if they don't allow us to invoice until then? For those of you who incur promotion expenses, will this be a problem for you?

Susan Mark, Outreach Librarian

Wyoming State Library

2800 Central Ave.

Cheyenne WY 82002




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