I have a couple of questions on the MARC holdings record format.  Our consortium moved to a new system last year that employs MHRs, but only a small number of us have any prior experience with these.  My own knowledge of MHRs is more than a decade out of date.  I’ve consulted the MARC site, the Z39.71 standard, and some other online sources.


1. When a resource includes a single-part item and accompanying material, should the LDR/06 code be set to “v”?  Or remain as “x”?

2. When giving a public or nonpublic note in an MHR that applies to all parts of a multipart monograph (or all issues of a serial), is the $x/$z added to the 852 field, since it applies to the location/call number overall?  Or to the 866 field, since the note applies to the volumes/issues listed in that same field?


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