Hi Pete,

It will be great to get this problem fixed!

Chollet, Jean seems to be a common French name, which could account for BnF missing the connection between this new pseudonym and the older one. The date of birth is the same for all three forms of name in BnF.

You need 3 authority records. Looking at access points and usage in OCLC, and news articles, I’d go with his real name as the basic heading. It seems like his work with a particular company after he moved back to Switzerland was all under the first pseudonym, and he chose a new pseudonym for his latest work published in 2015.

The FAQ you mentioned at has under Q3
“Note that any name recorded in the 667 field may not be used in a 400 field as a see reference. Pseudonyms are considered to be the name of a different identity that a person wishes to assume for whatever reason (e.g., political, commercial, contractual) and is therefore not eligible to be used as a variant. If access to a different named identity is important, a separate NAR should be made. Do not consider that variant forms of a person’s name are pseudonyms unless there is explicit evidence.”

So, we don't know why the author decided to use a new version of the pseudonym, and we shouldn't make that version a 400 on other records.

Best wishes, Karen
Concordia University

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Subject: [PCCLIST] New pseudonym, or a variant?

Hello there,


One of our catalogers has an interesting problem.


He has a book written by a Jean Chollet-Naguel.  We have been able to determine that this is the same person whose real name is Jean Chollet and who uses a pseudonym of Jean Naguel (both the BnF and French Wikipedia regard Naguel as a pseudonym).  There is no indication in this book why he has chosen to combine the two names this time.


All three names are in the BnF authority file.  They link Chollet and Naguel, but they do not note Chollet-Naguel’s relationship to the other two.  They list Chollet-Naguel as French (incorrectly, it appears), while Chollet and Naguel are (correctly, it appears) shown as Swiss.


None of the three are in the NAF yet.


We need to do some authority work.  But we aren’t sure exactly what to do with the new combined name.  We’ll definitely have to make an authority for Chollet and maybe Naguel.  (I really need to revisit the LC/PCC FAQ on pseudonyms.)  But is Jean Chollet-Naguel a new pseudonym, requiring a separate authority record, or not?  It seems like a stretch to say that this is a new bibliographic identity.  (It seems somewhat like crediting a book by Richard Bachman to both him and Stephen King at the same time, though in this case they’ve actually created a third name, technically.)  I am wondering whether it would be better handled as a variant on the authority for Chollet, the real name.  Or perhaps on both the Chollet and the Naguel authorities?


Please tell us what you think.




Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University