Coding content type as "still image" only for art works as original manifestations and not for images of art works seems a bit extreme, like saying of a reproduction of Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe that "This is not a picture, either." What is it then?

Maybe the art community should be lobbying instead for coding which would distinguish originals from reproductions at the manifestation level. The instructions at LC-PCC PS 27.1 for relating original to reproduced manifestations might also apply.


On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 3:06 PM Sherman Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Ian and others--

Some of us art catalogers do not code 336 for still image if a resource is reproductions in support of the text, even if the illustrative content is fairly high. We feel that our users would expect to find art works if the 336 is so coded, not pictures of art works.

I haven't looked at the discussion from "three days ago" and am replying to your message.

Sherman Clarke
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Alfred, NY

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Dear PCCLIST readers,


Picking up on the discussion from three days ago: I have come across situations where 336 still image $b sti $2 rdacontent is not to be found in master records for books which appear to have been batch-processed to add 33X fields for print materials, when there is indeed considerable illustrative material. Some are art books that are chiefly illustrations.


A word to supervisors: if you have copy catalogers who accept such records without modification, they might be advised of the need to examine records to see if there’s a need to add this field.  Someone might even do the world a favor and add the field to the master record!


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

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