Suzie Johnson looks like a change in preferred name rather than a pseudonym.  Since there is no existing authority record, and this is the most recent of her works, I would create the 100 based on the item in hand.  I would base the 100 on Johnson, Suzie, and have a 400 based on Johnson, Susan Diane.  It would also be useful to edit the OCLC master records for the other titles by the author, and control the headings to the new NAR.


The case of Curtis, Melinda is a bit awkard.  Her bio definitely indicates a deliberate use of two names to distinguish different sets of books.  But both sets of books are romance novels, and Mel is clearly a variant of Melinda.  She wants people to know that the same person wrote them.  I have difficulty considering Mel to be a pseudonym for Melinda.  The LC/PCC FAQ on pseudonyms (, has this to say:


Q7.  What about variants of the real name used concurrently by authors?

A7. If an author uses variants of their real name concurrently (as opposed to abandoning one real name in favor of another) and this usage can be ascribed to the fact that works written under one name are in different subject areas from works written under other name(s), treat the case in the same way as pseudonyms and follow the response in A1 in this FAQ for the details of using multiple headings.  Note: apply this interpretation only in retrospect, after information received from publications, etc., has begun to provide the necessary evidence and this evidence is clear or in cases where the author has declared that intent.  See Bookmark Example 7


I don’t think “medium” versus “hot” romance novels qualify as different subject areas.  So I would treat these as variant forms of name.  Pick one as the basis for 100, and have the other as the basis for a 400.  You could include information from the biographical web page in a 670 to explain the usage of the variant names.  I would be interested to see whether other people agree or disagree on whether these are different subject areas within the meaning of the FAQ.  Since I don’t read romance novels, I would not mind clarification from others.


The reminder is probably unnecessary, but do remember to follow DCM Z1 Section 008/32 for instructions on splitting an undifferentiated NAR.


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First time poster here, figured I would ask for advice. So you got to love when authors write under multiple names, it certainly keeps me on my toes. My problem is that sometimes I don’t have a source, for the pseudonym of the authority I am trying to establish, in the collection.  Here are my current problem children:


Johnson, Suzie not yet created

                Real name is Johnson, Susan Diane and the author has written two books under her real name. My source for creating Johnson, Suzie is:

Sweet mountain music, 2014:­ title page (Suzie Johnson) back cover (Susan (Suzie) Diane Johnson is the author of two contemporary novels, True North, and No Substitute. During the day, she is a cancer registrar at her local hospital. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. She is part of a group blog, You can visit her website at


Could I use this same source to create an authority for Johnson, Susan Diane?


Curtis, Melinda (n 2004075256) undifferentiated record, creating a new record based off of Getting married again, c2004:­ t.p. (Melinda Curtis)

So Curtis, Melinda also writes books under Curtis, Mel (I am fairly confident that it is not the same as Curtis, Mel n 92119382) unfortunately none of the items in my collection under Curtis, Melinda mention that she also writes under Curtis, Mel. The only reason I even found out about it was because of her author website. So my question is what are my choices here in creating the pseudonym authority?


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