I have locked Romero's NAR and will have it updated shortly. I note there is also a problem with some of the name-title records under Romero, which lack the diacritic in Oscar -- I'll take care of those as well.

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>Hello -
>I sent this query to a smaller list, and it bore no fruit. Thus I am
>sending it to you PCC folks.
>Oscar Romero was canonized a saint on Oct. 14. Does his NAR need to be
>changed? Either by adding "Saint" to the 100 or creating a 400 with "Saint"
>in it? I forgot how these things work. Thanks!
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No one answered this?

RDA says:

Add the term Saint (see to the preferred name unless the access point represents a pope or an emperor, empress, king, or queen. Add the term after a fuller form of name (see and title of nobility (see or title of religious rank (see, as applicable.

So I believe the answer is yes, the NAR should be changed, and changed by adding "Saint" to the 100. The new AAP would be:

Romero, Óscar A. $q (Óscar Arnulfo), $c Saint, $d 1917-1980

His Wikipedia page has a link to the Guardian with the story of his canonization:

Salvadoran priest Óscar Romero to be declared saint by Pope Francis<>
The canonisation of the assassinated archbishop will take place on Sunday in Rome

You could use that in a 670 to justify the change.

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