Occasionally when I'm setting up duplicate NAF authorities to be merged by LC, there are cases where a preferred 1XX is in conflict with an existing 1XX or 4XX on another authority. For example, architectural model maker Ricard Pedrero Coderch was initially established as "Coderch, Ricard Pedrero", but later evidence favors "Pedrero Coderch, Pedrero".  That name too was established several years later, clearly for the same person. OCLC's audit objects if I try to change the initial authority's 100 to match the preferred form in the later authority's 100. Each 100 form is also matched by a 400 on the other authority. (I think the two records got in because the later one was batch loaded from Sky River bypassing OCLC's audit for duplicate headings. I've seen the same issue happening between LC authorities, also batch loaded.)

I could just ask LC to do all the updating, but I'd like to save them repeating work I've already done. 

I could ask LC to delete the non-preferred authority first before I make any changes, but I'm impatient and not sure I'd hear back from LC when the way is cleared to update the other one.

I could modify the 100 on the authority to be deleted (e.g., add a plausible $c qualifier), but knowing that authorities can remain in NAF pending deletion for some while, I'd rather not make the non-preferred one more inviting.

I could vandalize the access points on the authority to be deleted to break the conflict (e.g., add "...$c TO BE DELETED") but that seems unwise, especially if systems have linked to that authority,

I could add a subfield $c to the 100 of the authority to be retained as part of the 100 change, but once the other authority is deleted, the addition will appear unnecessary, which could be seen as setting a bad example.

Does anyone have a best practice for these situations?

(And if anyone has conclusive evidence that Ricard Pedrero Coderch and his co-author Pere Pedrero Carbonero (same NAF problem) should indeed be entered under Pedrero and not their last name element, that would be welcome too. Our resource for them is unavailable and after much searching, I'm relying on the evidence of national library authorities from France and Spain, not directly observed author usage to determine which heading should be preferred.)


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