New sections of interest to PCC catalogers have been added to the Descriptive Cataloging Manual (DCM) and the LC Guidelines Supplement to the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.


DCM Z12 is called “Special Projects for Name Authority Records and Bibliographic Records.”  This document contains general information about name authority records and LC bibliographic records that have been updated as part of a special project.  Hopefully, this document will answer some questions either not covered in the existing documentation or covered by announcements, etc. that are not easily available.  For example, I have been asked periodically about Chinese NARs where the 1XX form does not appear to be justified by a 670  field.  The answer is explained in Z12: “When the 1XX form in a name authority record was converted to pinyin, the 670 field justifying the authorized access point was retained in Wade-Giles form.”  Instructions about these NARs are provided and should be used with other appropriate cataloging documentation.  Not every special project is described in Z12, but we hope it has covered the major ones that included special 667 notes and other unusual values in fields.


An Appendix has been added to the LC Guidelines Supplement to the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.  This Appendix describes how changes to the MARC 21 Authority Format are implemented.  There are no instructions in the Appendix.


These sections will be appear in the Cataloger’s Desktop 2018 Issue 4 (being updated at 5:00 PM EDT).  They are also available as PDFs on LC’s website.  DCM Z12 is available here:  The complete LC Guidelines is available here:  The complete update, containing the new sections and revisions to others, is available here:  Please note that the complete update files may contains sections of the DCM that only apply to LC catalogers.




Kate James

Policy and Standards Division

Library of Congress