Thanks, Jos, that is great news!

Yes, I am aware of this with DATs and PCM (F1/601) tapes. I think most 
DAT machines do de-emphasis properly to their digital output, but I 
can't guarantee it, of course. It appears that the PCM-601 does NOT 
handle de-emphasis on its digital output, ever.

I think in this thread, it was mentioned that dBPowerAmp does not follow 
the pre-emphasis flag. Do any of the other rippers, such as Exact Audio 
Copy follow this flag properly?

In fact, over the next couple of years, I'm going to reorganize and 
expand my tape restoration reference and the AESHC is interested in 
having it at

Also, striking a blow for other formerly hardware-only solutions, a 
colleague of mine and I are several months away from a GUI-driven noise 
reduction decoder system, called the The good 
news is that the DA decoder module (with command line interface) is 
being finalized now and is just about ready for beta testing--we had 
some good input from various pre-beta testers.

Thank you for introducing me to compatibility mode, though, in the end, 
it looks as if I'll need to keep my XP machine working as long as I have 
my old Primera X1 (and clone) on-CD/DVD printers. I tried loading using 
the compatibility tools, but still no dice--it was a driver rather than 
app issue.

Interestingly, I did find vDOS which allows me to 
run Jay McKnight's little compiled FORTH Programs for translating among 
EQ standards and figuring head resonances. Compatibility mode also looks 
like it might work with Sony Sonic Stage which is needed to read the USB 
MiniDisc recorder.



On 2018-11-05 11:49 AM, Jos Van Dyck wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Yes, WaveEmph runs under Windows 10 in compatibility mode (Windows 95).
> If you get an error message saying Msvbvm50.DLL is missing, just download and install VB:
> Several wave editors have an EQ preset for 50/15 ┬Ás de-emphasis, (e.g. Waves Q10 plugin)
> This issue also applies to DATs with pre-emphasis and Sony PCM-601.
> Kind regards,
> Jos Van Dyck
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