The Library of Congress Network Development and Marc Standards Office (NDMSO) has released BIBFRAME Editor (bfe) v1.0.0 and BIBFRAME Profile Editor (profile-edit) v1.3.0.  The code may be downloaded from github as indicated below.

bfe v1.0.0 change notes:

  *   Profiles stored in database (verso) and accessed via REST API
  *   Support for marc2bibframe2<> conversion via LC Metaproxy
  *   Adding fields not present in a profile
  *   Lookups (LC Subjects, Agents) support identifiers in addition to labels
  *   Import data from existing descriptions
  *   Verify/edit description URI
  *   Clone existing description
  *   Validation supported

profile-edit v.1.3.0 change notes:

  *   Profiles, ontologies, languages, templates stored in database (verso) and accessed via REST API
  *   PHP server functions no longer supported; replaced by API functions in recto or loopback api methods
  *   valid values for templates, languages, ontologies are supported via dropdowns
  *   data entry for uris and ids validated
  *   default values for both uris and literal values supported
  *   add regular expressions for validating literal values

bfe and profile-edit are submodules of Recto, an ExpressJS-based web server, and supported by Verso, a Loopback-based REST API for lightweight storage of bf descriptions, and configuration.  A demonstration site to create and edit BIBFRAME metadata descriptions and editor profiles is also available at

Code (<>

  *   bfe<>
  *   profile-edit<>
  *   recto<>
  *   verso<>
  *   marc2bibframe2<>

BIBFRAME 2.0 Resources:

  *   Documentation:
  *   Ontology:<>