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Please join us for the next in our regular monthly series of free
Department of the Interior Library Park Ranger Speaker Series lectures,
entitled "Over There (and Here Too): The U.S. Navy in World War I" on
Tuesday, November 20th from 1:00 - 1:45 pm in the Stewart Lee Udall
Department of the Interior Building's John Muir Room.

When most Americans think about our involvement in the First World War,
mental pictures form of action on the Western Front, trench warfare and
doughboys. The U.S. Navy however played a major role in the conflict from
America’s first day at war until well after the fighting stopped. The Navy
didn’t fight the great fleet actions like it did in World War II, but they
were plenty busy combatting German U-Boats on both sides of the Atlantic,
practicing mine warfare and transporting hundreds of thousands of American
and Allied soldiers. While no fleet actions were fought, American
battleships had to stand at the ready in case the German High Seas Fleet
sortied. Together they made an essential contribution to the Allied victory
in World War I.

Please join Park Ranger Matthew Hornberger as he takes a look at the
important role of the U.S. Navy during the first World War, a conflict that
laid the foundation for American naval prominence during the remainder of
the 20th century.

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