Hi Suzanna,

Thank you for sharing this! How do you know if your linked data is really linking and doing what it’s supposed to do? Is there a place one can check?  Also from what I’m reading it seems like almost every field could have linked data (language, genre, names, relators, etc.) how do you decide which linked data to include? Personally I can’t keep production going at an amount that satisfies my administration AND include every possible linked data field, but I’m having a hard time letting things go.


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Hello Melissa,

We have been playing with the idea indeed, but we have no idea if it works as it should…

We have been doing this as a test. Some of these take the ‘possibilities’ to the extreme, but we wanted to know what’s possible and what works.  We do this type of enhancement manually as xml mods files an upload them, so there is no workflow at all… it’s a bit mad at the moment.

<genre authority="mrcgt" authorityURI="" valueURI="">thesis</genre>

    <languageTerm authority="ISO 639-2b" authorityURI="" type="code">eng</languageTerm>
   <languageTerm type="text">English</languageTerm>

  <subject authority="lcsh" authorityURI="">
    <topic valueURI="">Bible -- Feminist criticism</topic>

  <subject authority="lcsh" authorityURI="">
    <topic valueURI="">Bible -- Criticism, interpretation, etc.</topic>

  <subject authority="lcsh" authorityURI="">
    <topic valueURI="">Postmodernism -- Religious aspects</topic>

And where we find data:

  <name type="personal">
      <roleTerm type="code">ths</roleTerm>
      <roleTerm type="text">Thesis Advisor</roleTerm>
    <namePart>Naidu, Sam</namePart>

  <name type="corporate" authorityURI="" valueURI="">
      <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">Degree granting institution</roleTerm>
      <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="code">dgg</roleTerm>
    <namePart>Rhodes University</namePart>
    <affiliation>Faculty of Humanities, English Language and Linguistics</affiliation>

  <name type="corporate" authorityURI="" valueURI="">
      <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="text">Degree funder</roleTerm>
      <roleTerm authority="marcrelator" type="code">fnd</roleTerm>
    <namePart>National Research Foundation (South Africa)</namePart>

<name type="personal" authority="orcid" authorityURI="" valueURI="">
                                <roleTerm type="code">aut</roleTerm>
                                <roleTerm type="text">Author</roleTerm>
<namePart>Surname, Name - one for each creator</namePart>
  <affiliation>University of Port Elizabeth</affiliation>
  <description>Department at the time</description>
  <description>SARChI Chair</description>
  <description>Distinguished Professors</description>
  <description>Top 30 Rhodes Researchers (2016)</description>

Suzanne Saunders

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Hi there,

Has anyone heard of or practice the automation of adding URIs to MODS records? I’m aware of ways that it can be incorporated when converting spreadsheet data to MODS, but was wondering if anyone had a different workflow for adding the identifiers?


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