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Subject: [PCCLIST] Access points -- director's cuts of motion pictures

Hi, all,

I'm soliciting advice from the collective wisdom. I have in hand a director's cut of the 1985 film Amadeus. It has, as the box states, "20 minutes of never-before-seen footage."

There is a NAR in the NAF for the theatrical release (n  84156787). I'm attempting to determine if there is a need to establish a second NAR for the director's cut. A search on "ti:director's cut" in the NAF yields three results, which doesn't seem like much of a precedence (Apocalypse now : redux (no2015026869); Blade runner (no2008127546); and, Nixon (no2018128750)). That being said, however, each of these three examples seem to be on solid ground in terms of establishment. They go way beyond simple edits in terms of content.



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