Looking at the superseded versions of the Ambrus, Attila authority in OCLC (Authority menu-> Show menu->LC Superseded Versions), it's clear that it was undifferentiated in the past, representing both the Whiskey Robber Ambrus and the editor Ambrus. The latter was established separately as "Ambrus, Attila, 1965-" by the British Library in June. It's possible that the record was reported then to LC to have a replacement authority for the Whiskey Robber created so that the undifferentiated authority can be deleted, and LC just hasn't gotten to it yet. Or that last step may have been missed, in which case creating a separate authority for the last identity and reporting the undifferentiated authority for deletion would be good to do.

There is a Wikipedia article about him which gives a birth date, so the name could be established as "Ambrus, Attila, 1967-" with additional attribute data.


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Hi Kristen,

The record is coded as undifferentiated (Name = b), so I believe it should be reported for deletion to [log in to unmask] since it represents a single identity.



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Hello to all,


I am doing my best to create authorities for undifferentiated records and Ambrus, Attila (no2001066198) is on my list. However on the nar no2001066198 the 667 note is gone but still has the brackets normally associated with an undifferentiated record and appears to still be coded as AACR 2 . I believe the whole record is meant to be the same person based off the English and Hungarian Wikipedia articles about this individual. Is it safe to assume that this nar is still considered an undifferentiated record and a new record should be created? I am happy to do so but I hadn’t seen a record appear with elements missing before and wanted to get everyone else’s opinion.  


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