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Hi, All,

I received a question from a relative of mine requesting my assistance
in finding a recording. I was the wrong person to ask as I have been
focusing on the technical side of ARSC-land, but I know many of you
focus on the content side, so I hope someone would have some ideas. FYI,
my relative is a forensic pathologist.

"I have just written a paper about one of my pathology heroes, James
Homer Wright, the founding pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital
in Boston."

"Wright married Aagot Lunde, a Norwegian contralto, who moved to Boston
circa 1890 and performed extensively in Boston and New York City, and
also around the US, especially in cities with large numbers of resident
Scandinavians. She mostly sang Norwegian, Swedish, or other Scandinavian
music, usually at small venues but occasionally large ones.

"Wright and Lunde were married on Christmas Day in 1901.  After that,
she became a socialite and only performed occasionally, usually at
charity events.

"Do you know whether there any kind of database that might be able to
tell me whether there is any recording of Aagot Lunde that is extant?
She sometimes performed with her sister Sigrid Lunde, a soprano."

THANKS in advance, and Happy New Year!



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