Ben-If there is mottling - i.e. visual imperfections from the laminated 
process, it might introduce vertical noise which a stereo cartridge would 
pick up - makes an under-water sounding distortion. By dubbing with a stereo 
cartridge, better results would be achieved by dubbing at 33 1/3. This would 
give the tone-arm time to move up and down with the vertical motion - 
reducing the "underwater" effect.
If the mottling is pronounced, then a true mono cartridge such as VR-II 
would be a better choice.

As far as stylus size goes, almost all Columbias use a 3 mil - I don't 
believe a 2.5 would be used that early. I expect the records would have been 
issued in the mid to late twenties - which might mean that the speed will be 
non-standard . It seems to be the third set by the Lener Quartet so earlier 
rather than later. American Columbia  recordings are usually 75 RPM from 
around 1925  to mid 1928. Of course , when you tune the speed to C Major, 
that will be obvious.

                               Hope this is some help - Mickey Clark

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Can someone please tell me which stylus size and configuration is best for
transferring Columbia 78s set M-8 (QUARTET IN C MAJOR, Op. 465 (Mozart),
Lener String Quartet, Set M-8?
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Thank you.
Ben Roth