Hi, Stuart,

I noticed this too and it totally buggers the comparison in my opinion. 
Clark might have even more to say about this.

It is actually a key to decoding the random IDs though it's visually 
easier to see on some selections than others.

I've only listened to the first cut and to me the difference is perhaps 
more noticeable in the clicks and pops than in the music.

For my listening, I flipped the polarity on the two that looked to be 
flipped based on experience and then time-aligned the four in the DAW so 
I could switch between them (I time aligned to a point, did not check 
end-to-end, but assuming that this was being done with a four-armed 
turntable, it won't vary between versions.

I also questioned if that was the case (haven't heard back yet) and I 
too am curious about the cartridge/stylus/tonearm being used.

For a long time I was not understanding how much a difference an arm can 
make...until I got an SME arm and put it on an SP10 MK II.

Anyway, it's an interesting test. I'll be curious to see which one used 
the interface's instrument inputs with a 47k termination and SW RIAA. It 
has been suggested that I do this. The Fireface UFX II is capable of 
this mode.



On 2019-01-24 6:52 a.m., ROBINSON Stuart wrote:
> I notice there seems to be a discrepancy with the phase of the tracks, is this intentional and is there a reason for it? I am looking specifically at downloaded wav versions of Rites of Spring and Am I Blue and there are some curious differences.
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