John- is there any higher sample rate ? - you could try resampling to a 
higher rate then resample back. but you're probably already maxed out for 

another way is saving the file as .raw format then when you open it, in a 
.wav studio, the computer should call for the sample information from you. 
you enter that then save it with the formatting - -Mickey

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] corrupted WAV files

Hoping to get some input from the group.

I had a bunch of high res WAV files that I set up for a batch conversion
in Wavelab over the weekend. I went into the office several hours ago to
find that the computer had a hickup and tried to shut down. Any original
high-res WAV file that was still in the cue for render (or being
rendered at the time, I don't know which) has now become corrupt.

They open and play in Wavelab, you can see the waveform and it looks to
be without issue. If you look at them in a folder viewed with the
details on (PC Windows 7) , there's a file size but no length associated
with the corrupted files. They will not play in Windows media player
although other files with the same resolution will.

I can save the files off as version with a different file name but the
resultant file copy still has no length and has the same issues playing
in Media Player. I've also tried making some slight audio modifications
to the file while in Wavelab and rendering out the changes and saving
off the new version. Still same issues.

Has anyone experience this file corruption issue and did you find a

Kind Regards,
John Schroth