Hi, John,

It sounds as if the files that were corrupted were your source files. 
How can any software corrupt a source file if it's not editing it?

I assume you were rendering to new files, right?

There are issues with many programs that update metadata within 
container files (hence BWFMetaEdit generating a checksum only on the 
DATA chunk (did I get the chunk name right)).

With camera raw files, Adobe Lightroom and other products use sidecar 
files to avoid writing to proprietary raw format files. I much prefer a 
system that never updates your original/raw files.

A friend went away from Adobe DNG files when he discovered that the 
changing of metadata within the file caused the entire file to be updated.

At one point, I considered marking all my original WAV files read only 
to protect them, but have not done it as I haven't had a problem like 
this since about 2005.



On 2019-01-27 4:24 p.m., John Schroth wrote:
> Hi Rosie
> Good point, but the files were under 2GB each. I do have RF64 support 
> activated in Wavelab preferences none the less, many of the projects I 
> work on have file sizes well beyond the 2GB mark. I think this was one 
> of those quirky things that happened when the computer locked up during 
> the middle of the batch rendering process. About 40 files had been 
> processed and these were the remaining few in the cue. If I had backed 
> up prior to starting the rendering, this would not have been an issue.
> Kind Regards,
> John Schroth

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