Hi, Kathi,

Thanks so much--those are good leads as well.

I received the following from my relative that I thought I'd pass along. 
He is over the moon with the response from everyone!

"THANK YOU so much!  I am very impressed with the enthusiasm and the 
helpful responsiveness of your ARSC colleagues.

"This one is particularly interesting!  The review of The Scandinavian 
Concert in the Harvard Crimson that Thomas sent you is the actual 
concert where James Homer Wright, the MGH pathologist, first heard Aagot 
Lunde sing, and decided the next day to start sending her roses every 
day until she agreed to meet him.  They married and lived happily until 
her death ~23 years later."

I thought that some of you might enjoy the little tidbit.



On 2019-01-03 12:36 p.m., Kathi Ploeger wrote:
> Alf Knudsen was the director of the Norwegian Male Chorus in Seattle.  Terje Leiren is a professor at Pacific Lutheran University.
> Terje may have some insight into whether there were recordings.
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> Richard -
> Also mention of one of her performances in this dissertation. I don't have full access, but it might give details of a recording, or have a discography or something.
> Dissertation
> The Norwegian male chorus movement in America: A study <,contains,aagot%20lunde&sortby=rank&facet=rtype,include,dissertations&offset=0>
> Knudsen, Alf Leiren, Terje I. (advisor)
> ProQuest Dissertations Publishing 1989
> ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
> "singing of Grieg's Landk.i enn i no with Sven Wolf as the soloist, John R.
> Ortegren, conductor, and Aagot Lunde singing Ole Bu 1 1 ' s Sater..i en tens"
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